We are dedicated to the rescue and
humane management of feral cats
on the University of Washington campus.
We practice trap/test/vaccinate/alter/return,
and provide assistance to others
who wish to do the same.

We place rescued cats and kittens
needing homes, but we are NOT a shelter.

Dear Santa Claws:

Campus Cats has been very good in 2013. We hope you’ve noticed; we could sure use a helping paw.

We made some new friends this year, Santa. Sunshine tottered into our lives in February, weighing around four pounds and riddled with untreatable cancer. Ten months later, she is still with us, sleek and shiny and demanding meals on the hour, and the only pain she seems to suffer is from being stepped on when she gets underfoot. Sunshine helped us save little Squirrel, a head-case feral kitten who fears all humans but who loved grandmotherly Sunshine on sight.

You may have noticed our kittens and cats for adoption, advertised on UW Today and PetFinder. A highlight rescue was of Daisy Mae, a squirrel-hunting feral momcat, and her five kittens. Daisy Mae found sanctuary for life, though her kittens are struggling to find homes.

It doesn’t take much to keep us going; we are a small operation, and a little goes a long way. Campus Cats is an all-volunteer program; all proceeds go to help cats in need or to support our kittens and cats in foster care. Anyone can donate via Network for Good at http://campuscats.org/donate/. We also gladly accept supplies such as food, toys, and bedding, and we always need items for our annual Jumble Sale or to be put up for auction. We gratefully accept item donations year-round: just call (206) 442–2051 to make arrangements.

Campus Cats needs you more than ever, Santa Claws; please don’t forget us.

Love and Hisses, and a Happy New Year,
Friends of Campus Cats

P.S. Don’t miss our Jumble Sale in July. Check out website this spring for the date.

Feral Cat Day—October 16

Moose the Happily Retired Feral wishes everyone a Happy Feral Cat Day. If you want to lend a helping paw to an organization dedicated to the welfare as well as the humane prevention of feral cats, donate here, or you can visit Alley Cat Allies' website and donate even more.

Another successful Jumble Sale!

To those who donated goods, our deep thanks. To those who didn't make it to the sale, our condolences. Better luck next year. Remember, we accept donations for the sale year-round; just drop us an email at stalbert@uw.edu to make arrangements for drop-off or pick-up.

As always, we need donations and volunteers. We could really use your help . . . and your stuff. We are currently and gladly accepting the following for next year's Jumble Sale: no clothes or large items, please, but books, CDs, vinyl, toys, kitchenware, collectibles, knick knacks, jewelry, small furniture and appliances, are welcome. For more information, or to drop off anything, please call (206) 442–2051 or email me at stalbert@uw.edu.

A nod from the Campus

Not sure how we missed posting this 2009 article about us from UW Today, a publication of the University of Washington, but it’s short and sweet.

Feral cats with mouse-ears

At night, around 200 feral cats prowl Disneyland for rodents—and Disneyland is grateful for it. Their feral-cat management program was mentioned in this Los Angeles Times article.

Cats may be good for your heart, study indicates

A University of Minnesota study of 4,435 adults has discovered that the relative risk of death from heart attack was 40% higher for people who had never owned a cat.

To our donors:

THANK YOU to all of you have contributed to Friends of Campus Cats. Every penny counts, and we simply could not carry on without your help. We try to send receipts and thank you notes to everyone. If you have not received acknowledgment of your donation, please accept our apologies! If you itemize and need the tax receipt, please let us know so we may mail your receipt right away.