Season’s Greetings from Friends of Campus Cats!

This year has brought us new friends and taken a few cherished old companions. Fond farewells to the ironically named Little Precious (aka She Who Would Not Be Touched), clownish Pumpkin, shy Bridget and sweet Jitters.

A warm welcome to special-needs kitten Little Nell and her feral mom Shadow. Shadow gave birth in the live trap: five kittens, every one black. One kitten was different from the rest: under-sized, never quite up to snuff, deeply dependent on her fierce little mom. Little Nell has mucopolysaccharidosis, a rare metabolic disease that profoundly affects development and will greatly shorten her life. We could not in good conscience adopt out this little heartbreaker. So she lives with us now, along with mom Shadow. Every day is a gift for Nellie, who greets life with tail perpendicular and whiskered chin held high.

Perhaps you could add to that gift and lend a helping paw. Please consider making a tax-deductible year’s-end donation—100% of the proceeds goes to take care of feral cats. You can help through the Network for Good website.

Thank you so much.

—Friends of Campus Cats

P.S.: We’re working on getting the website restored. Thanks for your patience.